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How sad that America has this role. Of course, I don’t know anything about the sample, but Economist has a left slant without being obnoxious. Take it as you will.

beavis on Flickr – Photo Sharing

I’ve seen this before, and it might have had something to do with Danielewski or House of Leaves research… either way, it’s very sobering and amazing. I’ll have to ask my friend Emeric (do you read this thing?) if he can find Beavis. He’d be all about it I bet.

Charlotte Observer | 11/13/2006 | Principals sprint with 3-minute class checks

Interesting practical use of ideas first presented to me by Macolm Gladwell’s “Blink“. I’m glad to see that the use isn’t an all out extreme version of what I read about, but something more moderate and useful.

Mr. Bland Goes to Washington – New York Times

I didn’t know anything about this guy until this came up on my RSS feed. Very interesting point.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who claimed to be searching for some sort of answer. Our conversation revolved around where did we come from (because of the up front conclusion that the Bible is bunk) so the answer supposedly being sought was also involving cosmology.

What I encountered was the firm belief that this individual was operating with an open mind, and thought only closed minds accepted what they read or were taught.

I don’t think I argued this properly or clearly enough, but what I was trying to get at with her was that you can’t say you are working with an open mind and then say you won’t accept any systematized truth as being the answer. If you do this you are working with as many artificial rules and boundaries as those who seem to buy into that “false” sense of truth. The way I’m perceiving this situation – if truth presented itself, no matter the form, this open-minded person wouldn’t accept it. The “doubt everything” perspective seems to look like a genuinely inquisitive and searching point of view, but in fact it is as blind as someone following an incorrect teaching.

(messed up graphic but it works for now)

I am not arguing for any particular cosmology at the moment, but I want to argue that when one has an open mind, they cannot rule out anything until they have rigorously determined that falsehood… and even then they have to be open to the fact they might have been wrong in their estimate.

I want to know how to inoculate a mind (my own included) against the arrogant self-interest of thinking that I will know truth when I see it yet not have to analyze a thing. A simple question can be useful to test if one is convinced of their own ideas, which is fine. But if one thinks that those simple twisting questions will determine for themselves the truth, I just don’t see much success for them.

And so it begins: YouTube nukes 30,000 videos

I suppose it was bound to happen soon enough. At the same time there’s been a lot of copyright pushing all over the place, in a variety of ways.

Credit card firms shun mp3 site 

The Russian mp3 selling website ( is under huge pressure to change it’s ways.¬† They’ve got some kind of new player that I haven’t tried yet, and maybe won’t get the chance to. Alltunes is supposed to be their online player. I’ve been seeing a number of blogs talking about how they were not able to get through to alllofmp3’s services. The situation is a strange one… things are so weird that there are articles suggesting that allofmp3 is a hinge on whether or not Russia gets membership into the WTO. I would be surprised if this were really the case, but with copyright issues looming so large… you never know.