I just finished Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises“. I probably shouldn’t have read it. I did simply for the feat of having Hemingway in my head somewhere. At the same time, it’s a modernist piece that reminds me a lot of “Catcher in the Rye” in terms of tone. Maybe a little lighter, but similar.

However, now I’m wishing I had a group of literary friends who sat around, got drunk in interesting places and had bizarre conversations about this or that arbitrary merit – while we all compared progress on artistic endeavors. Manchester, NH isn’t the place for something like that I guess. At least not that I’ve seen so far.

In the meantime, I have to chose my next book. I’ve a couple already begun, and there’s always my Girard books to read… but I’m thinking of finding something different. I always say that. “I want to read something I wouldn’t normally read.” Hemingway was something out of the ordinary. As is the Book of Mormon (something I’m not a big fan of). Maybe I’ll just finish off some of the books I’ve already started.

I’m having a strange moment of visual thought, with every person as a one-dimensional thread. A past and a future but no depth beyond forward and backward. The world becomes three-dimensional as the threads weave themselves into each other… the constant interactions in our every day life. We are something not in ourselves, but in how we connect to other people.

I don’t know why I like things like this. I’m still working on some reason as to what makes me watch the whole thing and smile and feel better about something. That might be the whole problem for me, that I can’t give a reason why something so simple and without much more meaning than “to do it” can be given.

Un midi un ete
Video: un midi un ete

There was another movie that I really liked. I even tracked down the director – Annie Bradley – which took quite a while. First I was writing to the New Zealand based University of Waikato who finally got me an email address to a company in Canada that took me to the right person. Here’s the link to that one too, as a sample of my taste.

Tongue bully
Video: Tongue bully

Or there’s this other one. A tribute probably to my interest in combining the concepts of mixing vinyl as a DJ (which I am the furthest thing from, I merely dabble) and those involved in conceptualization of ideas. I see a slab of vinyl and a book as the same thing, just different format.

Video: Spin