whitney music box var. 0 – chromatic – 48 tines

I’m not sure what the full use of this is yet, but I like it anyway.

PS: A prison gang just did a running drill past my house. Kinda scary.

Video: Johnny Cash – “Hurt” – Google Video

And so it begins: YouTube nukes 30,000 videos

I suppose it was bound to happen soon enough. At the same time there’s been a lot of copyright pushing all over the place, in a variety of ways.

Credit card firms shun mp3 site 

The Russian mp3 selling website ( is under huge pressure to change it’s ways.¬† They’ve got some kind of new player that I haven’t tried yet, and maybe won’t get the chance to. Alltunes is supposed to be their online player. I’ve been seeing a number of blogs talking about how they were not able to get through to alllofmp3’s services. The situation is a strange one… things are so weird that there are articles suggesting that allofmp3 is a hinge on whether or not Russia gets membership into the WTO. I would be surprised if this were really the case, but with copyright issues looming so large… you never know.