I’ve begun reading “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson out of preparation for the movie release.  It’s hard not to say that what the book is about seems to be nothing like what the previews I’ve seen portray.  True, you have the “last man on earth” thing going, and there were references to a disease, something involving martial law imposed on what looked like NYC… but zero about vampires.  It’s a little irritating when producers or directors or whoever is responsible for making the decisions doesn’t trust that the actual story will be enough to draw an audience, and so lie (mostly by omision) about the plot, leaving enough interpretation space open to allow for other possibilities.  Had Jeff from class not turned me on to the novel that the movie (presumably) is based on – published in 1954 no less – I don’t know if I would have had to opportunity to investigate this direction.

There’s a question swirling in my head involving the possibility of allegory.  But it hasn’t grown into anything yet.

I learned not that long ago that “The Fountain” will be coming out on DVD on March 6. For anyone who’s seen it, this is big news.

Shame on me for not even knowing this was out.

The Fountain is Darren Aronofsky’s first work since Pi and Requiem for a Dream. It’s amazing! Beautifully shot, with a minimum of computer graphics, this movie portrayed a new vision of the human quest for immortality spanning thousands of years. Hugh Jackman plays the valiant seeker in the form of conquestidor, doctor, and astronaut. Central concepts include the meaning of immortality, bodily or spiritual immortality, rebirth, and control.

Just watch it. It’s amazing!

I don’t know why I like things like this. I’m still working on some reason as to what makes me watch the whole thing and smile and feel better about something. That might be the whole problem for me, that I can’t give a reason why something so simple and without much more meaning than “to do it” can be given.

Un midi un ete
Video: un midi un ete

There was another movie that I really liked. I even tracked down the director – Annie Bradley – which took quite a while. First I was writing to the New Zealand based University of Waikato who finally got me an email address to a company in Canada that took me to the right person. Here’s the link to that one too, as a sample of my taste.

Tongue bully
Video: Tongue bully

Or there’s this other one. A tribute probably to my interest in combining the concepts of mixing vinyl as a DJ (which I am the furthest thing from, I merely dabble) and those involved in conceptualization of ideas. I see a slab of vinyl and a book as the same thing, just different format.

Video: Spin