Mirror Neurons

I’m wrapping up the second week of training for my new job. It’s not difficult, but it definitely is taxing. Beyond all the walking and lifting, the hardest part to get used to is waking up and leaving by 5:30am at the latest. At Margarita’s I didn’t have to be there until 9am at the earliest and I could walk. Now I’m driving down deep into Massachusetts every day and buying gas every other day. Breakfast is hard to come by so early in the morning, so I’m reduced to eating either whatever is in the bakery at Stop&Shop or DDs. I need to work on myself, but I get the impression that my youthful irresponsibility isn’t long lived at this point. While I still try to be invincible, my body doesn’t agree all the time.

On top of this, both for the better and for the worse, is Zero. He’s an adorable dog, and more so when he’s being lazy or sleeping (i.e. not often). His biting is getting worse and his house-training is far from going *well*. Alongside my failure to house-train him, he has taken to eating the compressed paper sticks that make up his litter-box. Not sure how to handle that one yet.

It’s sad, I have no more time for reading. I was cruising along through CS Lewis’s “Space Trilogy” but starting the last book “That Hideous Strength” coincided with starting my new job and I haven’t gone much further than 20 some odd pages in. And I was moving so well too. After that I’ve got Milorad Pavic’s “The Inner Side of the Wind” which should show some parallels to Mark Z Danielewski’s “Only Revolutions” in terms of structure and even content to some degree. We’ll see soon I hope and from there I’ll report back to any reader I might still have.

Oh, more on the play I wanted to go see… “The Outlier Effect”. It’s not amazing, but it is good and well worth my time. To be a high-school original play based on mirror neurons that also focuses on mimetic behavior and mob dynamics is quite interesting. It takes me back beyond Rene Girard to that book on crowd psychology. I’ll have to go find it and let you know what it was. Very interesting and written around 1900.  Good stuff.

PS. Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” is available in May!

Theater group puts on original play – The Weston Town Crier

March 1 & 2. $5. Some time.

This is pretty exciting. A high-school play composed in response to an article involving my darling MIRROR NEURONS. The play is called “The Outlier Effect” and seems to involve imitative behavior and an imposed form of autism. What I find interesting is that the subject they’ve chosen to work with also seems to center (from what I’ve read so far) around the expulsion of the one who is no longer part of the crowd (an obvious connection between MIRROR NEURONS and the work of RENE GIRARD). The question of resistance to authority pops up but how political they want to be and how well done has yet to be seen.

Being that the play is being held in Weston, MA I see no reason not to go and with as many Girardians as I can. There might be something there worth capitalizing on. If so I want to be front and center.