Tombs Found in Syria Hold Riches, Signs of Ritual Sacrifice

This is interesting, especially in reference to my last post re: Rene Girard’s theories. The view of why people would bury their rulers in the middle of the city is what I am most interested in (page 2).

At work today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt from the Longhorn Steakhouse. Just a normal, everyday shirt with whatever the latest catch-phrase for the company printed on the back. But this one caught my eye and made me smile.

“Let’m eat steak!”

While there’s no solid correlation, the first thing this quote brought to mind was the Marie Antoinette quote, “let them eat cake,” to protesting peasants demanding access to ovens. Ovens were a right of the aristocracy of course (;)). However, the statement to “let them eat cake” was not one of civil rights of any sort. Cake, as far as I understand, was not the sweet, puffy, bready stuff covered in frosting we know today. It was the charred, burnt, carbonized bits of whatever had been cooked which were now scrapped off the bottom of the oven. These bits had become “caked” on and thus what Marie was saying was not a good thing, but a nasty insult.

That said, if the connection between Marie Antoinette and the Longhorn Steakhouse marketing department holds, I’m not sure if we should trust steaks coming from Longhorn. There might be some *bottom of the barrel* quality about them making eating their steaks not something good, but something to be dreaded and with disgust.

Way to go marketing agencies that don’t know history.