Props to having family close by! I have a (step) cousin who lives practically right down the road. We met up for coffee at the Gala Cafe down on Elm and had a decent time, chatting about art, computers, and life.

A quick word about Gala: they are only partially informed as to what they are actually serving. They try but can’t answer complicated questions regarding espresso. However, if you like thick and creamy cappuccinos, this is a good place to go. I usually ask for a very dry capp just to make sure they give me enough foam. Here, that might be to much.

Returning to Ryan (my cousin).  We chilled for a few hours and discussed how hard it is to come up with something original, though it is easier to take something already in existence and make it all your own. That could come back to entertain me I’m sure. What is the value of originality? What are the limits of creativity in a pure sense?

Now, as for the jobs and projects…

I have moved past the first obstacle of getting a job as tutor at the art school I mentioned earlier. Now I have a couple of formal interviews and if that goes well, I get 25 hours a week pushing tutoring services and helping the already existing writing center grow successfully. But I’ll wait until next week to jump for joy.

My latest project is a bit more exciting in the short run, though I don’t think I’ll see a return on my efforts as soon as the tutoring job could. In my past few blog entries I’ve been asking for suggestions that would help me compile a list of characters and transitions. My intention is to write a short story/novel that explores the differences of perspective and how circumstances can change in regards to how you look at things within context. It might appear to be a simple task to some, but considering that I haven’t really written anything like this before and it’s far from being a standard format, I think I’m giving myself quite the challenge. I’ll try to post bits of it on here, though I might end up waiting until I have the final draft to show it off. Of course, it might be completely a disaster and I will promptly bury it underneath layers of forgetfulness. So it goes.