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I’ve seen this before, and it might have had something to do with Danielewski or House of Leaves research… either way, it’s very sobering and amazing. I’ll have to ask my friend Emeric (do you read this thing?) if he can find Beavis. He’d be all about it I bet.


whitney music box var. 0 – chromatic – 48 tines

I’m not sure what the full use of this is yet, but I like it anyway.

PS: A prison gang just did a running drill past my house. Kinda scary.

Wired News: The Game of Art

Just read the article and you’ll know why I like it. Well, so long as you know me to some extent.

In addition to ways of interaction in a city I need also topics of thought you might dwell on during the day. For example, if you think a lot about your job, throw me some concerns you have regularly. I’m looking for casual ideas. Not hard core ideas, just stuff that floats through your head as you walk in a park or drive down the road. Everyday concerns.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m semi modeling my creative process after a portion of what Danielewski does. For Only Revolutions he posed a short questionaire on the (now website asking for a moment in history, a car, a flower, and an animal. The responses he received from this process he then incorporated into his latest novel.

What I intend on doing with all these answers I hope to receive is to use them as a form of social mobility of consciousness. Interaction is the key here, where convergent perspectives (particularly contradictory ones) generate movement and even reality at times.

I’m looking for something simple to help me with an upcoming project. I need:

Ways people interact in a city setting. The more controvertial the better… and when I say controvertial I mean situations that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

I spent the afternoon with an author friend of mine first at Barnes & Noble and then at some tiny Hungarian restaurant right on Elm St (Lala’s). I probably traumatized the girl on the espresso machine at B&N because I ordered my favorite – grande vanilla very dry cappucino with whole milk – which seems to take them forever because they seem to use the Starbucks method of frothing the milk. But it came out really good. Props to them for putting up with me. Then came the Hungarian place, where I had a dopio out of a styrofoam cup. Good stuff. It was a little cold, and Dr. K wanted to sit outside, but it was completely tolerable. Plus I love to people watch. Anyway, I hit on a good idea out there which I will share on here once I get some progress under way. In some ways it could be slightly novelish, though my intention is more exploratory than narrative.

UPDATE: I’ve received a couple suggestions already and wanted to toss them out there for examples of what I’m looking for.

  • homeless person asking for change (chris g)
  • elderly crossing the street (chris g)
  • car accident / near car accident

I don’t know why I like things like this. I’m still working on some reason as to what makes me watch the whole thing and smile and feel better about something. That might be the whole problem for me, that I can’t give a reason why something so simple and without much more meaning than “to do it” can be given.

Un midi un ete
Video: un midi un ete

There was another movie that I really liked. I even tracked down the director – Annie Bradley – which took quite a while. First I was writing to the New Zealand based University of Waikato who finally got me an email address to a company in Canada that took me to the right person. Here’s the link to that one too, as a sample of my taste.

Tongue bully
Video: Tongue bully

Or there’s this other one. A tribute probably to my interest in combining the concepts of mixing vinyl as a DJ (which I am the furthest thing from, I merely dabble) and those involved in conceptualization of ideas. I see a slab of vinyl and a book as the same thing, just different format.

Video: Spin

A new discovery via a friend of a friend. Ollie – a party friend of Aaron’s – exposed the existence of a incredibly interesting artist who works for the Boston Museum of Science. As far as I know, Paul Laffoley’s workshop is somewhere within the MoS offices. Furthermore, Ollie’s plans on visiting Laffoley now have me included. I am terribly interested in Laffoley’s work for reasons difficult to fully explain but I will try to get some pictures up so you have an idea. They are full of layered symbols both in word and sign. They are embroidered with hypercubes and mobius strips and probably any number of mathematically interesting figures.

Another part of my interest in Laffoley is that Ollie first mentioned only the title of one of his works. The Metatron. This immediately leapt out at me because Metatron is also the name of the angel in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy book “The Amber Spyglass” who is the right hand of the Authority (ie god, but it’s more complicated than that). I further find out that Metatron is supposedly the angel of death, the “active” angel of god, and the being that lead the Isrealites out of Egypt found in the book of Exodus. This is all according to Hebrew mythology, Cabbalah I believe. I’ll have to look that up again.

So my next question would be: What do Phillip Pullman and Paul Laffoley have in common (if anything of course), and how have their influences shaped what they put out as art?