There are so many surfaces on which to write. I’ve got a journal for my more intellectual ideas. I’ve got a half-hearted (but with some meaningful entries) diary for the more personal stuff no one wants to hear about.  And then there’s all the online spaces that range from email to Facebook/MySpace to this blog. All of which makes writing in any one place difficult or at least riddled with obstacles.

Living – Ben, brother of Aaron, moved out. Ryan, cousin, moved in. This should be a good change. I’m looking forward to having someone who is interested in cooking and having a clean apartment to live with. And he’s bringing the mother of tvs with him. A huge-ass flat screen tv with all the surround sound and other gizmos to make it all worth while.

Also, I now have a 3 month old Papillon puppy named Zero. He’s got all the common puppy problems but is wicked cute, affectionate, fearless (except when really big dogs run him over), and small.

School – Lastest update for Dartmouth is the summer. I was hoping for the spring term, but I’m trying to be realistic there. I don’t even know what classes are being offered at present. As soon as the old health-insurance deal is settled, I’m back.

Job – I just got hired for a new job involving non-food items and a couple grocery stores. Lots of work but good pay and room to grow. I want this.

Reading – Almost done with “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, finally. I finished Nabokov’s “The Gift” and CS Lewis’ “Out of the Silent Planet”… moving quickly into “Perelandra” and to finish the trilogy off with “That Hideous Strength”. Side readings are “In Search of the Miraculous”, Hesse’s “The Glass Bead Game”, and Girard’s “Oedipus Unbound”.