February 2007

Theater group puts on original play – The Weston Town Crier

March 1 & 2. $5. Some time.

This is pretty exciting. A high-school play composed in response to an article involving my darling MIRROR NEURONS. The play is called “The Outlier Effect” and seems to involve imitative behavior and an imposed form of autism. What I find interesting is that the subject they’ve chosen to work with also seems to center (from what I’ve read so far) around the expulsion of the one who is no longer part of the crowd (an obvious connection between MIRROR NEURONS and the work of RENE GIRARD). The question of resistance to authority pops up but how political they want to be and how well done has yet to be seen.

Being that the play is being held in Weston, MA I see no reason not to go and with as many Girardians as I can. There might be something there worth capitalizing on. If so I want to be front and center.


I learned not that long ago that “The Fountain” will be coming out on DVD on March 6. For anyone who’s seen it, this is big news.

How do you create (because I’m pretty sure “emerge” isn’t the right word) a positive and harmonious living arrangement these days? I’m talking about my own apartment. I have one flatmate moving out (Ben), and a cousin who might be moving in (Ryan). Another flatmate (Aaron) who has a lot going on right now, making the future quite unpredictable.

I’m not really going to go into details, but the over all question is how can one organize the compromises that must happen in order to make for a happy cohabitation among friends? And how does one do this without losing the friends or one’s own sanity? I’ll be struggling with this one.