Tomorrow is my nominal birthday. Two days ago I was freed from a number of predicaments that were limiting my actions. Now I’m here, full (once again) of possibility and potential. So the next move is to get a car, to open up more possibilities surrounding jobs. Margaritas just doesn’t make me happy (the best way to put it). The tutoring job that I was hoping for isn’t as positive as it was a week ago, though still possible. Just difficult.

My current reading is a number of books, still “A Prayer for Owen Meany” which I’ve been working on for a long time now. Then there’s Simon’s “The Necronomicon“, Gaston Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space“, and Joseph Smith’s “The Book of Mormon“.  None of them are exactly pleasure books I suppose. Owen Meany is a good book but slow enough in plot that I’m having trouble staying focused.

Necronomicon is a book that is just weird and interesting for the (fictional) history surrounding it, and I’m seeing more and more possible connections between that and Danielewski’s “House of Leaves“. An imagined source delivered despite constant hardship, chaos, and insanity. Both books are about there being more space available and the horror of experiencing that space. I’ll have to write more on that later (I always say that, don’t I?) when I finish “Necronomicon”… there might be some good stuff there. And that would bring in an irony to reading about the poetics of space, subtitled “The Classic Look at How We Experience Intimate Places“. Then again, Bachelard’s book is one of the few titles in “House of Leaves” that is real. [Extra thought: is it possible to analyze the Book of Mormon in terms of HoL and Necronomicon? Think about Borges and his short stories.]
I need some Captain Crunch. Hunger is kicking in.

And after all that, all I really wanted to discuss was that I am at an interesting place in my life right now. After all the terrible circumstances of the past five months preceded by the three months of blind building chaos, I’m ready for something a little more even keel.