November 2006

Shame on me for not even knowing this was out.

The Fountain is Darren Aronofsky’s first work since Pi and Requiem for a Dream. It’s amazing! Beautifully shot, with a minimum of computer graphics, this movie portrayed a new vision of the human quest for immortality spanning thousands of years. Hugh Jackman plays the valiant seeker in the form of conquestidor, doctor, and astronaut. Central concepts include the meaning of immortality, bodily or spiritual immortality, rebirth, and control.

Just watch it. It’s amazing!

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I want one.

My IP address and location? Show my ip address and locate the ip

Holy junk! This thing told me my computer was down one block and across the street… that was amazing! A lot closer than I’ve ever seen. Chris, if you don’t already have this, you should!

So how do you psychoanalyze someone who isn’t there? If all you’ve got is a bad taste in your mouth from years past, a resistance to deal, and two books? And what if those two books are “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and “Old Man and the Sea”? What conclusions could you draw?

I’m thinking we’ve got to dig into these books.

Consider the first. Zen tells me that we’re dealing with severe repression. The fact that the main character suffers from split personality and that the good half might in fact be the repressed half. Hard to say exactly, but it seems then that the psychoanalyst would say that my subject is suggesting from the subconcious level the actual condition. The guise would be the surface level distractors: zen, motorcycles, the question of quality, good literature, etc. What seems to be lacking is the 50k volt destruction of the condition.

Moving on to Hemingway. It seems to be rather vague. Even if I consider it within the context of the first book, all I can come up with (and this is very loose) that the subconcious repressed good personality has tried to emerge, but no longer has the capactity to do so. Seems to make sense.

And when I said psychoanalyst I don’t mean to suggest I’m going to get into the whole castration issue. It seems pointless and I already think that Freud is nuts enough, stuck on the issue of sexuality when raw human desire is much more at the forefront (just not as immediately appealing).

From here, I don’t know where I will go. But I think it was good for me to get it down, regardless of who actually understands what I’m doing. This is important, and it has to be done eventually.

beavis on Flickr – Photo Sharing

I’ve seen this before, and it might have had something to do with Danielewski or House of Leaves research… either way, it’s very sobering and amazing. I’ll have to ask my friend Emeric (do you read this thing?) if he can find Beavis. He’d be all about it I bet.

OneLook Dictionary Search

This is a pretty cool tool. The first page you go to will be a straight-forward dictionary gizmo. But look for the reverse-lookup dictionary link near the bottom of your options. Interesting.

Charlotte Observer | 11/13/2006 | Principals sprint with 3-minute class checks

Interesting practical use of ideas first presented to me by Macolm Gladwell’s “Blink“. I’m glad to see that the use isn’t an all out extreme version of what I read about, but something more moderate and useful.

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