In an hour I walk nearly to where I always walk for work. A mere two blocks away actually. There I will go into the smallish brick building behind the public library and sit down with three administrators to see if I get this tutor job. Unfortunately it means I have to be late for my other job, but in the big picture (which I must remind myself to keep looking at) being a cook is a temporary, fleeting situation. That’s not what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s what I have to do. Tutoring is something I’ve been into for a long time, and it puts me close to teaching (whether or not I end up doing that is another question).

With this job, I think I’ve got a really good hand of cards to play with. My experiences and background consistently points towards my hire as a good thing. Not only that, but I have a range of contacts that have already told me they are willing to help me with the various processes that I would be dealing with in regards to the development of a Student Resource Center.

My only concern right now is that they are going to want to think about it some more after this meeting, which would ruin my time-table for leaving or at the very least cutting back at Margs. I’ve already told the GM, so it’s not completely unfair to them… plus they just got a new guy.

If only I didn’t have this minor head cold.