In addition to ways of interaction in a city I need also topics of thought you might dwell on during the day. For example, if you think a lot about your job, throw me some concerns you have regularly. I’m looking for casual ideas. Not hard core ideas, just stuff that floats through your head as you walk in a park or drive down the road. Everyday concerns.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m semi modeling my creative process after a portion of what Danielewski does. For Only Revolutions he posed a short questionaire on the (now website asking for a moment in history, a car, a flower, and an animal. The responses he received from this process he then incorporated into his latest novel.

What I intend on doing with all these answers I hope to receive is to use them as a form of social mobility of consciousness. Interaction is the key here, where convergent perspectives (particularly contradictory ones) generate movement and even reality at times.