I’m looking for something simple to help me with an upcoming project. I need:

Ways people interact in a city setting. The more controvertial the better… and when I say controvertial I mean situations that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

I spent the afternoon with an author friend of mine first at Barnes & Noble and then at some tiny Hungarian restaurant right on Elm St (Lala’s). I probably traumatized the girl on the espresso machine at B&N because I ordered my favorite – grande vanilla very dry cappucino with whole milk – which seems to take them forever because they seem to use the Starbucks method of frothing the milk. But it came out really good. Props to them for putting up with me. Then came the Hungarian place, where I had a dopio out of a styrofoam cup. Good stuff. It was a little cold, and Dr. K wanted to sit outside, but it was completely tolerable. Plus I love to people watch. Anyway, I hit on a good idea out there which I will share on here once I get some progress under way. In some ways it could be slightly novelish, though my intention is more exploratory than narrative.

UPDATE: I’ve received a couple suggestions already and wanted to toss them out there for examples of what I’m looking for.

  • homeless person asking for change (chris g)
  • elderly crossing the street (chris g)
  • car accident / near car accident