So despite my calling this blog “Exploration of perspective” I haven’t really done much exploring. Well, not explicitly anyway. Even the most mundane observations are a form of perspective game. And writing, at least for me, works slow and resistant, so the simple act of writing about mundane things has the property of helping me write better stuff later. So there has been no loss, but a desire for more precise perspective work.

A game that I came up with this past summer was my so-called Exclusion Studies. I’m sure it’s a simple and well known game to any artist, but all you do is take a walk with a digital camera (digital because most of the pictures aren’t going to be that good and it would be way to expensive – you can if you want to of course though) and decide on a filter ahead of time. The filter can be anything at all, but the point of the filter is to edit how you look at the world. I have yet to actually play this game – today will be the first time – and I expect to do something really basic like a color or linear stuff. The best filter will be one that makes you look at everything around you differently, which is in fact the real point of the game. The end product might be cool, but the doing is the important part here. Whatever you end up with, by playing this game you exercise how you look and see everything. That’s what is important.