I attempted my first Exclusion Study. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. First, I need a better way to phrase my filters. Saying “round” or “blue” isn’t enough to really shift perspectives. It’s a good exposure to perspectives, and perhaps with more refinement and better skills with the camera I could make it work – but for now, no.

I had chosen “linear” as my filter and took some pictures of tree shadows crossing a road, fence posts, grave stones, tree trunks, etc. However, I didn’t feel like “linear” was much to go by at the moment. So I took a few other pictures as I wished I had an mp3 player again, mostly thinking about how the phrasing of filters can change perspective.

Part of the conclusion I came to involved a conversation I had with Deb, a Photo 101 professor at NHIA. We were talking about how even just holding a camera changes how you see the world. Not only that, but what kind of camera can further change you you look. For example, having a simple point-and-shoot with only 20 or so pictures makes me conservative and thoughtful when it comes to taking a picture. I’ll look and look before I actually take the picture. With my digital however, there isn’t the hesitation. There’s just look, click, check, look again. Digital has a more playful edge with it being instant and plentiful. Analog carries a more contemplative serious side in how you have limited resources (in comparrison) and have to wait for development to see your pictures.

In the same line of thought, my filter is my camera to a degree. But my self-imposed mental filter of “linear” was like saying anything with lines (ie everything) is fair game. A good filter that would inspire creativity, at least in me, would be one that severely limited the scope of what could be photographed. In that way, I would need to stretch my mind in order to find new ways of applying the filter while taking at least semi-interesting pictures.

Another problem with the latest venture was that I really don’t know the camera very well. I leave it on the automatic setting and haven’t really messed with any of the manual possibilities. Those of course are further filters I will be able to use later, but for now, I just have a point-and-click with a lot of storage space.

My camera: Sony DSC-W5 (5.1 MP 3x zoom 2x digital with a 1gig memory card)

Sony DSC-W5