This post will really only make sense to those who have been exposed to Mark Danielewski’s “Only Revolutions“. I had the opportunity to meet him at a book reading/signing down in Brookline (Tuesday, Sept 26, 7:00pm@Brookline Booksmiths) with Krystal, and he shared some aspects of the book that I wouldn’t have picked up on so quickly.

However, my moment that caused me to want to write something was the touching of Sam and Hailey as they move through my time. Between pages S176 and H184 their stories (for me) intersect. Just as Danielewski commented, he tried to capture the cyclical doomed lives of Sam and Hailey (who have preceded Romeo and Juliet, and will allways be sixteen) in the very architecture of the book. I think he did an amazing job. Part of that architectural design to the book and how one is *encouraged* to read it (8×8…) leads the reader to a climax of intimacy within the relationship between Sam and Hailey. Pages 180-181 for both of them – the very center of the book – are like reading the same thing four times. They mirror each other in what they say, and themselves in how they say it.

-Everyone dreams the Dream
but you are it.
-I won’t help being.
-Your tears can’t ever stop me.
-Allready drying.
-So sad.
-Is that surviving?

Paralleled by :

-Here’s to deciding.
-So glad.
-Allready welling up.
-Laughter won’t ever stop me.
-I can’t help bleeding.
-Everyone dreams the Dream
but we are it.

I love it. And that’s mirrored allways, S-H, H-S, S-S, H-H. Beautiful.

And a quote from MZD himself regarding Sam and Hailey: “They meant so much to each other, they meant so much to me.” That man is a genius.

see allso –, (nevermind that last one, the prior has engulfed the whole set of MZD novel forums)
Update: Take a look at the first letter of every 8-page section within OR. It spells out “sam and hailey” over and over again. Bloody hell. And I thought there wasn’t going to be this kind of codework in Only Revolutions.