Oct 20 – My brother ships out to Iraq.

Doubly painful in that Krystal and I were going to see him Oct 28 for a five day vacation. Our first multiday vacation ever. And now that’s scrapped. Even if we still went down there everything would remind us of the person we were supposed to be seeing.

Be safe bro. Remember – two flak jackets and three helmets at all times. I wore my seatbelt for you, this is the least you could do for me.

And to everyone else… my brother is a superhero.

UPDATE (16Oct@6:11pm) – Since posting this my brother has received news that he is not going… again. It’s hard to be content with the fact that I have a brother who wants (for understood and the best reasons) to be deployed to Iraq and yet seems to be caught up in the eternal red tape of the military. With everything going on, you’d think that this would be an easy thing… someone wants to go, so they send them. But no. And all this confusion is causing chaos to my social calendar. Rrr!