A new discovery via a friend of a friend. Ollie – a party friend of Aaron’s – exposed the existence of a incredibly interesting artist who works for the Boston Museum of Science. As far as I know, Paul Laffoley’s workshop is somewhere within the MoS offices. Furthermore, Ollie’s plans on visiting Laffoley now have me included. I am terribly interested in Laffoley’s work for reasons difficult to fully explain but I will try to get some pictures up so you have an idea. They are full of layered symbols both in word and sign. They are embroidered with hypercubes and mobius strips and probably any number of mathematically interesting figures.

Another part of my interest in Laffoley is that Ollie first mentioned only the title of one of his works. The Metatron. This immediately leapt out at me because Metatron is also the name of the angel in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy book “The Amber Spyglass” who is the right hand of the Authority (ie god, but it’s more complicated than that). I further find out that Metatron is supposedly the angel of death, the “active” angel of god, and the being that lead the Isrealites out of Egypt found in the book of Exodus. This is all according to Hebrew mythology, Cabbalah I believe. I’ll have to look that up again.

So my next question would be: What do Phillip Pullman and Paul Laffoley have in common (if anything of course), and how have their influences shaped what they put out as art?