I was headed to work today, slightly late. Again.

En route I get a call from Scott, my coworker. He tells me that he caught whatever it was that I had for a cold last week and now has to call in sick. He asks if there is any way that I could cover his shift today (I guess thinking that I wasn’t working – Tuesdays are usually off for me). I couldn’t help but laugh of course, because I was already half-way there. But here was someone asking me if I could continue walking the direction I was *as a favor*. So with the Anelects of Confucious in my pocket I proceed to sit down in the park and relax for a bit. A small 30 minute break just sitting, reading, and watching. I love doing that. Particularly when I’m supposed to be somewhere else.

This time, I got the best of every world. Walking into work half an hour late isn’t good, but today – particularly because I was expecting to be slightly late anyway – I became the hero. I wasn’t late! I was saving the day! My presence was a godsend, not an irresponsible gesture of futility. That made me feel good about the day.

However, I overstepped my hero status when I was asked to fill in for Brian, another coworker scheduled to come in for the afternoon shift. With my head full of grandeur and amazingness, I said of course – and accepted my boss’s present of a free dinner for being such a good sport about the whole thing. I mean – for all they know, I did have the day off. It wasn’t bad exactly that I stayed. More that it was so bloody long, and the shift I took over was an incredibly boring one. So I was extra weary by the time I got out.

And of course it was raining.

So Ben, my roommate, picked me up.

But now I’m on the opening stretch of a five day work week preceded by only one day off (which in itself was both incredibly bad and amazingly good). Next week is looking pretty busy, not least of all is going to see Mark Z Danielewski down in Boston come Tuesday! I’ll be sure to post more on that, with pictures if possible.