I don’t know much yet.

  • OR is nothing like HoL.
  • The very construction of the book is disorienting. You read it from both sides simultaneously, with a definite effort (so far) to make parallel statements between Sam and Hailey (the main characters) despite being 100 years apart chronologically.
  • Hailey uses plant names in her writing. Sam uses animals.
  • I have no idea what the multiple references to “90 (or whatever number) go” means.[Update: My best guess is that it means number of people who died. But why?]
  • As Krystal pointed out, Hailey defitely appears to have been raped early on. This is a cause of huge tensions later on.
  • Mark Z Danielewski is a genius, completely insane, or both.

And for the most part that’s all I have so far. It’s amazing to see the book. It almost makes HoL feel “normal”. Not that HoL is or ever could be normal, but this is taking whatever Danielewski is trying to communicate to a whole other level. No one can accuse him of being stagnant and repetitive. At least not yet.